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Stefanplast Cathy Easy Clean Cat Litter Box


Stefanplast Cathy Easy Clean Hooded Cat Litter Pan, as the name suggests, is an easy to clean cat litter pan. The Cathy Easy Clean comes with a large transparent access door that is also a fully hinged opening for super easy and quick cleaning. It is also hooded to give your cat extra privacy and security. With a carrying handle at the top, the Cathy Easy Clean is easily transportable without fear of leaving behind any undesirable traces. This amazing cat litter pan even has a hidden storage space for the litter scoop, so you don’t have to keep the scoop separately from the litter pan. The Cathy Easy Clean comes with a litter scoop and a piece of carbon filter. The carbon filter allows you to reduce any odours coming from the litter pan, while still providing ample ventilation in the litter pan for your cat. This cat litter pan is made in Italy with premium quality, non-toxic plastic.


Meausres 56 x 40 x H40 cm
Easy cleaning with large hinged openable transparent door
Hooded cat litter pan to give cat more privacy and security
Top carry handle allows for transportation of litter pan
Hidden storage for the litter scoop
Comes with one carbon filter