JONP / JANP Drypets Pee Pads, Medium 35pc


  • Highly absorbent
  • 100% Leak Proof
  •  Anti-slip base and back tape to stick on areas need
  •  Anti-bacterial

JONP Drypets Pee Pads is The Best Choice For Your Pet. Great for puppies and dogs which are toilet-training in progress, nursing moms who have just given birth or even as a liner for carriers/car seats for those trips to the vet or out to the park.

JONP Drypets Pee Pads are also completely white in colour so that any pee stains, crystals or blood stains can be easily spotted in your dog’s urine.For dogs that spray, these pee pads also come in handy as they can be stuck onto walls for 100% coverage from urine stains.

Medium, 60 x 60cm