Bio-X D Bug Eliminate Fleas Ticks Mites


Bio-x D’bug Is A Safe And Effective Formulation For Total Control And Treatment Of Flea, Tick And Mite Infestations On Your Pets. This Product Is Safe For Mammals & Birds. It Is Also Non-staining And Non-flammable.

Usage Guidelines:
Spray the entire body of the animal against the lay of the fur until moist.
Ruffle the coat so that d’ Bud penetrates down into the skin.
To thoroughly moist the coat down the skin, apply 3 to 6 ml per kg body weight depending on the length of the fur.
*This product is safe for mammals & birds. It is also non-staining and non-flammable.

Active ingredients: Etofenprox 2.5% w/w

220 ml