Zealandia Dog Free-Range Lamb Pate Canned Food 185g


  • 93% Meat & Organs
  • Meat as No.1 Ingredient
  • Wild/Free-Range Boneless Proteins
  • Precise Base of Enzyme-Rich Green Lamb Tripe
  • Green-Lipped Mussel for Hip & Joint Support
  • King-Salmon Oil for Skin & Coat Health
  • Grain-Free

Baaah! New Zealand in a can, Zealandia offers nutritionally rich, great tasting Grass-Fed Lamb, boasting unparalleled texture and flavour. This is thanks to our unique lush green pastures and careful processing methods which have preserved the meat’s natural qualities.

Zealandia creates natural, delicious pet nutrition for dogs and cats. Made in our boutique canning plant in sunny Gisborne, New Zealand, we proudly offer an exciting range of canned pet foods formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition, keeping pets healthy and vitalised.

Zealandia’s new canned cat food has an improved formula! Now with higher meat content, lower green tripe content, and enhanced with Conezyme Q10, Flexipet & Zoki Oil, your cat can enjoy the new health benefits and improved taste. Made with boneless meat and ethically-sourced ingredients, you can feed your pet with peace of mind.

Coenzyme Q10

  • Aids energy production to promote a lean physique
  • Helps to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums
  • Supports cardiovascular and circulatory health


  • Green-lipped mussel, abalone, and marine collagen powders
  • Optimises gut function for increased digestibility
  • Conditions joints for increased mobility
  • Actives of Omega-3 and mucopolysaccharides, known for its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promotes a healthy skin and coat

Zoki Oil

  • A blend of Hoki & Virgin Salmon Oil, the only canned pet food in Singapore with this oil
  • Far superior & cleaner to salmon oil or cod liver oil
  • Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9
  • Joint support, Cardiac care, Immunity support, Cognitive function
  • Healthy Glossy Coat

Lamb Broth, Boneless Free-Range Lamb, Lamb Liver, Lamb Lung, Green Lamb Tripe, Lamb Kidney, Brewer’s Yeast, TSPP, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Zoki Oil® (Hoki Liver Oil, Salmon Oil), Agar Agar, Cassia, Sea Salt, Guar Gum, Vitamins & Organic Chelated Minerals, Potassium Chloride, FlexiPet® (Green- Lipped Mussel, Abalone, and Marine Collagen Powders), Taurine, Choline Chloride, Coenzyme Q10

Nutritional Analysis
Moisture 76.0% Crude Protein 10.4% Crude Fat 9.6% Crude Ash 1.5% Crude Fibre 0.3%

Feeding Guide
Introducing Zealandia Nutrition to your pet: We recommend that you transition your pet from their old diet to their new diet over a 7 day period, by feeding increasing percentages of Zealandia Pet Nutrition until reaching 100% after 7 days.

  • Small (3kg): 1 x 185g can per day.
  • Medium (6kg): 2 x 185g cans per day.

Recommended feeding guidelines are also included on each can of Zealandia pet food. This information is based on your pet’s weight, life-stage and level of exercise. Pregnant/Lactating Females: Feed up to three times the daily adult amount.