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Happi Doggy Digestive Support (Pumpkin & Mountain Yam) Dental Dog Chews (2.5 / 4 Inch)


  • Soluble fibre content helps cure constipation.
  • A good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • May promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive system.

Distilled from essential plant oils, Happi Doggy Care Digestive Support (Pumpkin & Mountain Yam) Dental Dog Chews contains as unique Active+ which is an active ingredient that cleanses and protects teeth against bacteria buildup. On top of preventing plaque buildup and removing tartar stains, it relentlessly kills bacteria and eliminates bad breath. With 4 times the brush bristle, brushing becomes 4 times more effective.


Breed Size: All Breeds
Life Stage: All Stages

Petite size 2.5 inch,
Regular size 4 inch, 150g per pack