SmartHeart Gold 9 Cares Dry Cat Food Skin And Coat 1.2kg


  • Optimum Level of Sodium Chloride
  • Healthy & Digestible Fatty Acids
  • Shinny Coat & Fur
  • Odor & Feces Control
  • Marine Fish Collagen, Zinc & Biotin
  • Healthy Skin & Glossy Fur
  • Hairball Control
  • Healthy Intestinal System
    Flutd Control

Smartheart Gold 9 Cares Skin And Coat Formula Salmon And Rice Flavour addressed 9 special benefits for your furry friend.
For Example: Hairball Control, Yucca Extract For Odor And Feces Control And Optimum Level Og Sodium Chloride, Plus 2 Special Benefits Which Are Marine Fish Collagen, Zinc, Biotin Are For Shiny Coat And Heathy Skin Also Tyrosine And Phenylalanine Are Added To Promote Pigmentation And Coloration.