Unicharm Deo-Toilet Unscented Absorbent Pads Refill (4pcs/10pcs/20pcs)


  • Made in Japan
  • For home hygiene & Anti Odor
  • Superior absorption capacity
  • Anti Odour & Bacteria elements prevent unpleasant smell
  • Monitor cat health condition through urine colour on sheet
  • Change only once a week

The Unicharm Deo-Toilet Absorbent Cat Litter Pad Refills will help keep your preferred litter box system cleaned for a longer period of time. Highly absorbent pad to effectively collect urine. It has odor-repelling qualities to stop offensive odors. Use in conjunction with the Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Cat Dual Layer Litter System is advised. Being able to detect any anomalies, the Unicharm Deo-Toilet Absorbent Pad makes it simple to keep an eye on your cat’s urine health.

Non-woven polyolefin fabric, cotton-like pulp, polymer absorbent material, polyethene film, antibacterial agent, deodorant microcapsule with fragrance.