Sumo Cat Premium Cat Litter – Peach 10L


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Sumo Cat litter is a premium quality cat litter/sand that has a high absorption rate and safe to use because it contains no chemical additives.
Its rapid rate of absorption forms clumps and prevents the bottom layer from getting wet. It is economical because the clumps formed on the surface layer can be easily removed, allowing the cat litter/sand below to stay fresh and reusable.
Sumo Cat Litter also has the ability to eliminate bad odours, leaving the surrounding area fresh with a variety of fragrances to choose from (Lemon, Lavender, Peach, and Jasmine).
Sumo-Cat litter has a low-dust grain texture and does not stick to paws and fur. Sumo-Cat litter is a special clay with extremely good absorptive properties. In other words it is an entirely natural, environmentally safe product, unbleached and contains no harmful substances or fibres.
After use, it can be reemployed as a composting aid, or for soil-improvement, with excellent results.
Sumo-Cat Litter is economical as only the clumps have to be removed daily! Just add more litter instead of completely refilling.