‘Lovecat Korean’ Tofu Cat Litter Original 7L


  • special hole structure, strong water absorption and deodorant effect.
  • dust-free design, on the human body and cats do not cause harm to the inhalation.
  • with natural starch cluster formula, not because of chemical adhesives cause health hazards.
  • lightweight design, more convenient than bentonite, can be directly into the toilet.
  • low-water formula, no toxoid and mold fungi.
  • can be directly decomposed in nature, does not cause environmental pollution.
Made from natural tofu, Lovecat Tofu Litter is a non-stick formula that has excellent clumping ability which makes it incredibly easy to clean up. It has low dust and good odor control ability which makes it perfect for households with multiple four-legged furballs. Its fine granules are soft and gentle on kitty’s sensitive paws.

– Natural material, harmless to the human body and kitty– Can flush into toilet
– Environmental friendly

Made In China