Angel Pure Premium Cat Sand Litter Lemon 10L


  • 100% Natural & rose-scented
  • Anti-bacteria pellets for cleanliness
  • Excellent clumping effect
  • High absorption capacity


Angel Pure Premium Cat Litter (round shape) promises the best quality performance, using the most naturally ingredients. Your cat will naturally love it!
All natural, high absorption, good odour control, easy disposal and excellent clumping effect. Natural micro-porous crystalline minerals (main composition), anti-bacteria.

Directions For Use
Fill the litter box with approximately 5 cm of our PURE Premium Cat Litter.
For hygiene purposes, clean your cat litters by scooping out only the solid waste and wet spots. Replace with additional PURE to keep the box fresh.
Change the entire contents inside your cat litter box at regular intervals. Do this weekly, or sooner if needed.

Suitable For
Cats of all life stages

Product Dimensions