Unicharm Absorbent Pads Refill Natural Soap (20 PCS)


  • Superior absorption capacity
  • Contains anti-odour & bacteria elements to prevent any unpleasant smell
  • Change only once a week, 5 months usage

Unicharm Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Cat Litter System Refill contains 20 pieces of 99.9% strong absorbent sheets and is to be used together with Unicharm Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Cat Litter System. As the absorbent surface of the sheet is white, you can easily see the colour of your cat’s pee and check their health status. Disposal of the liquid-filled sheets should be done every once a week.

Product Material
Non-woven polyolefin fabric, cotton-like pulp, polymer absorbent material, polyethene film, antibacterial agent, deodorant microcapsule with fragrance.

Suitable For Cats Of All Ages

Product Dimensions: 430mm x 230mm