UniCharm DeoToilet WIDE Cat Litter Bin Starter Kit


  • Made in Japan
  • Super odour control & Easy to clean design
  • A double tier cat litter tray
  • Heightened walls & enlarged area provides your kitty with more freedom & comfort
  • Zeolite adsorbs ammonia to keep unpleasant odour at bay
  • Pet sheet absorbs urine for longer litter mileage
  • For use with UniCharm Zeolite Cat Litter and Pet Sheets

The No. 1 cat toilet in Japan*, the Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Cat Dual Layer Litter System, quickly and efficiently eliminates odors from your home.

A highly absorbent pad is underneath where the pee travels via microscopic porous pellets. Both liquid and odour are promptly absorbed and locked away by the pad. Dehydration causes any remaining moisture in the top layer to be sucked into the porous pellets.

Because you only need to dispose of the liquid-filled pads once a week rather than scrub the litter clump off the tray every day, the method is quick and simple to maintain. You simply need to change the pellets in the top layer once a month. Odor is eliminated with the Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Litter System, which also eliminates the need to scrub the litter clump.

Product Dimensions:

Measures 70 (L) x 47 (W) x 35 (H) cm

Set Includes:

  • UniCharm cat litter tray top cover
  • UniCharm pet sheet tray with drawer
  • UniCharm cat litter scoop
  • 2 x 2L bag of UniCharm cat litter
  • 4 pieces of UniCharm pet sheet