Almo Nature HFC Natural Tuna & Whitebait Wet Food For Cats & Dogs 70g


  • Complementary wet food for cats & dogs
  • Less than 5 ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • No chemical preservatives
  • No artificial flavorings or colorings.

The legendary Almo Nature quality is even more transparent today: the HFC acronym (Human Food Chain) certifies the ingredients used in the recipes originate from sources that are fit for human consumption.
Prepared with just a few selected ingredients and simply cooked in broth, all HFC natural recipes are ideal for hydrating your cat. Natural, no chemical additives, preservatives or artificial colors. Keep refrigerated once opened and consume within 1 day.

Almo Nature is the natural pet food for cats and dogs that is formulated from their point of view. The company has concrete commitments to charities that protect animals, nature and biodiversity.

HFC Natural
HFC stands for Human Food Chain. Almo Nature makes their wet food with human grade ingredients in human grade canneries. Their ingredients are mainly fresh meat cooked in broth, and are a natural source of taurine, protein and vitamins.

Limited Ingredients
Typically made with just 5 or less ingredients, Almo Nature HFC Natural Canned Cat Food is free from all artificial additives, colouring and preservatives.

High In Moisture & Protein
Like most canned cat food, Almo Nature canned cat food is high in moisture. Cats are naturally carnivorous and need a diet high in protein. Almo Nature HFC Natural Canned Cat Food contains 16 to 20% protein, which is a lot higher than the average canned cat food!

Tuna 70%, Fish Broth 24%, White Bait 5%, Rice 1%

Nutritional Analysis
Crude protein 20%, crude fibres 0.1%, crude oils and fats 0.5%, crude ash 1%, moisture 77%

Calorie Content
742 kcal/kg