Aixia Kenko Pouch Senior Cats Kidney Care Healthy Intestines 40g


  • Low phosphorus  and sodium content
  • Helps maintain a healthy kidney

Our “Kenko-Can Pouches for Senior Cats” have a phosphorus content of 0.08% and a sodium content of 0.10% and are sure to support your cat’s kidney functions. In order to prevent kidney disease, it’s important to pay attention to the amount of phosphorus and sodium in your cat’s diet. There is also coconut oil in our food, which includes medium chain fatty acids which easily become energy.
Our food paste for senior cats who cannot chew well can be consumed by licking. We have a lineup of five products that support kidney functions.
Each product also supports another specific function as well.



Tuna, Oils (Chicken oil, Sunflower oil, DHA – EPA oil, Coconut oil), Protein hydrolyzate, Lactosucrose, Thickening agents (Modified starch, Jelly agents), Vitamins(A, D, E K, B1, B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Folic acid, Choline)