Aixia Kenko Pouch Immunity Support – Chicken Fillet Flake with Rich Sauce 40g


  • Formulated to promote good immunity.
  • Fortified with beta-glucans & Vitamin E to support overall health.
  • Easy for cats of any breed or age to eat.
  • Enriched with lactosucrose & lactic acid bacteria to aid digestion.
  • Contains a low amount of phosphorus & sodium for kidney health.

Kenko Pouch Immunity Support provides support to the immune system of your cat with β-glucan, helps maintain intestinal health & regulate intestinal flora with 10 billion lactic acid bacteria (EC-12) and blending oligosaccharides. Vit E protects damaged cells as a powerful antioxidant, while phosphorus and sodium is adjusted to 0.1% to maintain kidney health.

Skipjack tuna, Sunflower oil, Protein hydrolyzate, Lactosucrose, β-glucan (from baker’s yeast), Heat-treated Lactic acid bacteria, Thickening agents (Modified starch, Jelly agents), Potassium citrate, Vitamin E

Made in Thailand.