Aixia Fish Life Senior Tuna with Whitebait 60g x 3 (OS9)


  • Improves Skin/Coat
  • 100% Tuna topping
  • Improves digestion & lowers odour
  • FISH LIFE 100% Fish

Let your senior cat live their best life with Aixia Fish Life Senior! This premium treat is designed to support the health needs of older kitties.

Using only 100% Tuna (Skipjack, Tuna etc) topped with whitebait, your cat will enjoy improved digestions, minimized odour as well as healthier skin and coat. Great tasting, high quality with an affordable price, your senior kitty will love this luscious treat!

Fish (Skipjack Tuna, Tuna, Whitebait etc), Lactosucrose, Jelly agents, Seasoning, Vitamin E.

Crude Protein 6.6% or more
Crude Fat 0.3% or more
Crude Fiber 0.1% or less
Crude Ash 1.8% or less
Moisture 92.4% or less

60g x 3 Pouches

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed 1 pouch per day. It is recommended to feed with Dryfood (complete nutrition food).