AFP Organic Catnip Powder for Cats with Funny Cat Sticks (6 Satchets)


  • Prevent stones – Catnip can make the fluff adhere to the digestive tract, help cats induce vomiting of hair bulbs, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Naturally field dried. – Keep teeth healthy and add Vitamins: go deep into the gap between teeth to improve oral hygiene. –
  • Multiple uses: The catnip is powder and it can be mixed with cat food, fed directly, can be placed in toys, can be placed in the space where the cat’s claws crawl
  • Easy to use: vacuum bag and pack, (6 bags*2g) will not deteriorate due to damp, the powder bag can be replaced according to the time of use.
  • Natural catnip from Canada, worry-free catnip, fragrant and rich, excitement index: 75.6

You must be attracted by these cute and colorful little things, so as your pets. Filled entirely with 100% Canadian imported Catnip. Entice your cat to pounce, ravage and chase. They are up for the chase and ready to entertain. Grab your frisky feline one today!